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Welcome to Sunbelt Imports Inc.

We are a supplier and importer of Italian specialty items, with our main focus being coffee related products. Our primary imports include authentic Italian espresso (Lavazza), espresso machines (LaSpaziale, Faema, Cimbali) & coffee equipment (Bunn), pizza & pasta machines (Capitani), gelato ingredients (Pregel) & allied products as well as many other specialty items that we bring in direct from the manufacturer in Italy. You will find only the top brands in our product line up such as Lavazza coffee, Monin flavoring syrups, ,Illy coffee & Alcas gelato containers.

Create authentic Italian espresso or cappuccino using our Lavazza coffee, available in sizing for your home or coffee shop. Lavazza Coffee is preferred over Illy Coffee by all of our customers. Our Ghirardelli Chocolate line, which has been branded as America’s premium chocolate, gives you the ability to create rich hot chocolates, flavored lattes or frappes using their sauces and powders. Due to Ghirardelli's unique cocoa bean processing technique, the quality is unmatched by any other brand.

Monin Coffee flavorings has been one of our initial products since the start. Sunbelt is currently the master distributor for Monin Coffee and Gourmet flavorings, which is internationally recognized as the top flavoring syrup in the coffee world. Monin Coffee flavors have become the industry standard for premium coffee flavored syrups. For coffee lovers interested in superior quality and taste, Monin goes above and beyond. Monin now has Monin Purees, Monin Smoothies and Monin Sauces. Monin also provided retail Advertising/ display material.

Sunbelt Imports Inc has been in the specialty coffee industry for over 20 years and continues to put customer satisfaction ahead of everything else. We are honored to have a loyal customer base that continues to support our wide variety of available products and put their trust in our knowledge and advice. Our product line is always evolving and we currently proudly serve Mocafe, Big Train, Oregon Chai, Mighty Leaf, Pregel, Da Vinci and plenty of other products to fill any coffee shop, café or home needs.

We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in order to give the best customer service possible!